February 9, 2017 sobobot

Booking System Bot

Millennials want to book appointments as quickly as possible, with minimal resistance. Bots make this possible.

Consumers don’t get excited about downloading a small business app any more. There are too many small businesses in their life to bother with the process of searching for and downloading a new app which takes up valuable space on their device, registering for a new account then keeping it installed for the next visit (which may be 2 months away in the case of a hair salon).

A Messenger booking system bot eradicates these problems. The vast majority of people already have Facebook so they don’t need to go through the laborious process of creating another new account and in turn, a high percentage of Facebook users have already installed the Messenger app (over 1 billion active users). With your custom booking system bot, customers will be able to simply open Messenger on their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer and use the familiar chat interface to make a booking based on the available slots on your calendar. Of course, that space on the calendar is then instantly removed so that no other customers can book it.

Looking for a way to reduce the number of missed appointments / no shows? We can pre-program the bot to send a reminder message to your customer (via Facebook Messenger) the day before the booking, for example. Unlike email and text reminders, Messenger messages don’t get auto-ignored. You’ll impress your customers with a booking system bot and best of all, it’s inexpensive. Contact LoyaltyBots today to discuss your booking system bot.

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